About Alyson: Alyson Pearce has been freelance editing and beta reading for the past four years. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and an MA in Publishing. As an American living in the UK, she is familiar with both US and UK English. Her first novel, The Viscount and the Artist, was published earlier this year.

While she’ll read almost any subgenre, Alyson particularly enjoys historical, shifter, fantasy, and BDSM. Alyson is open to reading manuscripts that feature more taboo themes, although she prefers not to read manuscripts with gore.

About Kiki: Kiki Clark has a BS in Sociology and experience reviewing, beta reading, copy editing, and content editing. She specializes in character and plot development and loves working with new authors and helping them find their voices.

Couples of all variations from the LGBTQ spectrum are enjoyed by Kiki. Her favorite genres are contemporary, BDSM, paranormal, sci-fi, and anything with a really good trope. Though she’ll try just about anything once, she won’t read stories that contain non-con, torture, or other really dark themes.