Additional Services

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Struggling while trying to manage your social media accounts, your newsletter, writing, and all the other tasks you are attempting to complete? Want someone else to be responsible for distributing your ARCs and following up with the reviews? Wish you had a bible for your series because you’re on book five and can’t remember what color eyes a character from book one has?

I’m here to help! These additional services for authors are designed to help you get back to your main job: writing.


Virtual Assistant–$15/hour

Regularly positing links, promoting sales, and interacting with readers is an important aspect of publishing these days. As your virtual assistant, I can manage your social media accounts, your newsletter, contact cover artists/promo companies/formatters, organize your inbox, and any other number of tasks you’d like handled by someone other than yourself.

Because this service varies so much from author to author, I charge an hourly wage instead of a flat fee. You get as much as you want, without paying for services you aren’t interested in.


ARC Distribution–starting at $75

Early reviews can really help boost sales on a new release, but not everyone has the time or patience to distribute advanced copies to reviewers.

For $75, I create a sign-up form for reviewers/bloggers and email/post it on social media, send out the ARC copies with instructions (deadlines, links to reviews, etc.), send out book information to bloggers to include in posts (cover, blurb, bio/links), collect review links and send them to you. (Max of 20 reviewers/bloggers)

For more than 20 reviewers/bloggers, the creation of promo posts based on reviews, or managing a giveaway, there will be an additional cost based on what you would like done.


Book Bible–$50 per book

Also known as a Series Bible. This nifty little spreadsheet contains all of the information about every character and place mentioned in your series. It also contains a timeline of events. If large or expanding families are part of your book’s world, a family tree can also be included. If you provide Word documents when I create your bible, I will also note where the information came from (document name and page number).

For series made up of more than five books or for multiple series, please contact me for discounted pricing information.