OnTheIce-300dpi“Just when I thought that with four rounds of editing I’d caught every typo and inconsistency, Kiki came along to proofread my novel and proved me wrong! Without her keen eyes and attention to detail, my book wouldn’t have been as polished as it is. Kiki was friendly and knowledgable and so easy to work with. She’s one of those lovely editors who doesn’t just point out what’s incorrect (and why), but who comments on what she liked too. I think my favourite comment was “Oh, hey, did you want that knife back you just used to stab me with?” It was such a pleasure working with her that I’ve already booked her for my next project!”

Amy Aislin


No-Luck.fv2_“Writers inevitably miss details in their manuscripts. Sometimes big details, sometimes little details, but always something. In every project there are problem areas that are really difficult for writers to see on their own. Having another set of eyes, and in this case, a set of professional editor eyes, on your work is invaluable. I’m grateful for the efforts of both Kiki and Alyson and have benefited from their insights each time. Not to mention, both are super positive and a pleasure to work with.”

Kayleigh Sky


Other Books BtLE has had the privilege of working on!

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